Plant Proteins

Caloris Engineering offers a number of processing solutions for various stages of plant protein powder production. Whether you need spray drying for your protein stream or evaporation and membrane filtration for liquid processing or water recovery, we have the equipment designed for your unique application.

Plant Protein Spray Dryer

For plant protein flour handling, Caloris offers our custom-designed spray dryers to process your protein powder stream. With our understanding of the unique challenges of producing agglomerated and non-agglomerated protein powder, we will design a plant protein spray dryer to meet your size, capacity and energy and product requirements. Whether you are processing soy, pea, other legumes, kelp, fungi or another plant material, our spray dryers will ensure consistent quality and flavor. Where flavor and powder properties are concerned, Caloris understands the importance of pre-conditioning the dryer feed to achieve the desired results.

Spray drying can be an energy intensive way to dehydrate a product. Caloris designs these processes for the optimum use of resources, whether you are driven by economic or socially conscious constraints.

We strive to deliver:

  • the highest yield with the lowest losses
  • the greatest product functionality with the lowest product degradation
  • the smallest plant needed for the effective use of land and capital

And we want to do so with the most effective use of energy per pound of product produced. All while designing a hygienic sanitary food grade spray dryer that can be safely operated day-after-day to allow employees to work safely and productively, thereby returning the investment in capital and resources back to the community and investor.

In addition to processing protein powders, Caloris offers solutions for handling adjunct products. Powder conveying and powder packaging are offered as part of our plant protein spray dryer systems.

Caloris also can assess existing plant protein spray dryers to troubleshoot processing issues or to make recommendations for capacity expansions or product changeovers. Spray dryer safety is important to Caloris. We also offer safety assessments and training for your plant staff.

For more information, visit our Spray Drying page or contact us now to learn how we can bring our skills and experience in the spray drying of plant proteins to your next plant build, expansion, upgrade or renovation.

Concentration of By-Product Molasses Streams

Caloris Engineering has a history of offering creative solutions to process waste or other ancillary streams that result from the food production process. If you need a way to process the molasses or plant whey from your plant protein production line, Caloris offers both short- and long-tube falling film evaporators (heated by either steam or electricity), and RO pre-concentration equipment to assist you.

As with our spray drying line, Caloris offers vast experience in evaporator troubleshooting and service, capacity expansions, energy audits and training.

Visit our Evaporation page.
Visit our Membrane Filtration page.

Water Recovery

The plant protein production process typically results in a large amount of high-quality recoverable process water that requires polishing in order to re-capture clean water that can be used in the extraction process and elsewhere in your facility. Caloris offers RO water polishers for this purpose. Our skidded systems are designed to fit easily into your processing line. We offer follow-up support for troubleshooting, replacement membranes, capacity expansions and more.

Visit our Membrane Filtration page.

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