Reduce Risk and Delays in Launching New Installations

When you need to invest in a new processing line, pre-engineering limits your risks and helps speed you toward launch. First Caloris works with you to create a system concept that fulfills your business needs. Then we get down to the specifics you need to move forward. We work through the process engineering, mechanical engineering, and CAD design work for the complete system. We include basic engineering drawings and related documents with sufficient detail for you and your general contractor to proceed confidently with the design of new building facilities or the retrofit of an existing one. There’s no guesswork for foundations, structural support steel, or whatever permitting may be required for the installation and launch of the new processing system.

Everything works seamlessly with your total processing line.

We put our team to work for you well in advance to assure your success. We have the expertise on staff to consider every aspect of the installation: mechanical, process, process control, operational, and even on-going maintenance to ensure your continuing high productivity. Our whole-systems approach to systems pre-engineering affords you a smooth and successful road to processing line launch.

Process System Pre-Engineering Ensures Better Follow-Through

In addition, any solution engineered by us can be followed up with full turnkey installation and commissioning services. Our experienced team includes project management, process engineering, project engineering, mechanical engineering, controls engineering and trusted subcontractor specialists.

Process system pre-engineering from Caloris means that you will get the most cost-effective processing line launch possible—and the highest levels of on-going productivity.

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