CALORIS CUBIX™ Evaporator Design to Debut at Weftec 2014

Booth 8639 to Feature MVR Evaporation Technology Designed Primarily for Wastewater Applications

EASTON, Md.—Caloris Engineering LLC will debut the latest CALORIS CUBIX™ Evaporator design at Weftec 2014, September 29-October 1, 2014, in New Orleans, La. This compact, pre-engineered evaporator brings tremendous energy efficiencies in a robust configuration.  It is designed specifically for the concentration of wastewaters of small to moderate daily flow rates and promises to make thermal evaporation a viable treatment option for a whole new set of users.

Interested attendees can meet with Caloris representatives throughout the show at the Ernest Morial Convention Center in Booth 8639.

Caloris Cubix™ MVR Evaporator (click for larger image)

The CALORIS CUBIX™ Evaporator helps customers achieve a higher concentration of total solids than can be achieved by rising or falling film evaporator systems. CALORIS CUBIX™ Evaporators are ultra-compact – even the largest models fit under a 10-foot ceiling.

CALORIS CUBIX™ Evaporators can benefit a variety of industrial clients who need to treat wastewater continuously and efficiently, and to reuse the resulting clean water within their operations,” says Tom Pyper, Caloris Packaged Systems Manager. “We are looking forward to introducing the Cubix, along with the rest of our line of powerful evaporator solutions, at Weftec 2014.”

Benefits to the design of the Cubix:

• Enhanced heat transfer surfaces optimize thermal efficiency.
• Highly turbulent flow through flooded tubes minimizes surface fouling.
• An optional recirculation system upgrade accommodates liquids of extreme viscosities.
• Evaporated vapors are condensed and discharged as clean water, often suitable for re-use.
• New horizontal vapor separator provides ultra-compact design.
• Produces concentrations much higher than any comparable system.
• Ideally suited for concentrating products containing suspended solids

The Caloris team will be on-hand to discuss additional wastewater treatment solutions at the show, including:

The CALORIS CONCENTRIX™ MVR Evaporator – Powered by Caloris’s proprietary turbofan technology and featuring a unique concentric design, the Concentrix MVR provides the highest capacities and energy efficiencies—with the smallest space requirements—available in a compact evaporator.

The CALORIS AGILIX™ Mobile Evaporator – The Agilix is the only turbofan MVR with substantial capacity that will go wherever you need it.

CALORIS FLEXMODE™ – This modular steam heated evaporator system can be designed in many different configurations for many different product requirements, capacities, steam efficiencies and costs.

Caloris wastewater evaporation systems address a wide variety of purposes, including:
• Processing spent liquids in the pharmaceutical and life science industries
• Concentration of select chemicals
• Concentration of wastewater from chemical processes
• Recovery of some chemicals, in addition to clean water, for reuse via zero liquid discharge processing
• Concentration of metal surface treatment effluent
• Concentration of food processing waste streams
• Oil and water recovery from oily effluents in the automotive industries
• Concentration of wastewater from dye penetration (crack detection) operations, dyeing facilities, die casting, and other industrial processes
• Processing of liquids resulting from industrial cleaning procedures, as with can rinsing, component cleaning, tank cleaning, polishing and pretreatment operations
• Industrial laundries
• Residential grey and black water
• Concentration and recycling of spent caustic streams for fruit peeling and olive processing operations.

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