Caloris Engineering, LLC Commemorates 10th Anniversary July 1

EASTON, Md.—July 1, 2016, marks one decade since four partners founded Caloris Engineering in Easton, Md. Since then the evaporation, membrane filtration and drying firm has grown to more than 30 employees with offices both in Easton and in Modesto, Calif.

Caloris celebrated the milestone with a ribbon-cutting at its office on Commerce Drive in Easton and an anniversary picnic for employees, customers and partners on June 17.

“We would like to thank all of our customers over the past 10 years for their support,” said Caloris President Jim Peterson. “The next 10 years promise even more growth and innovation as we continue to expand our technology and service offerings.”

Caloris Engineering employees assembled for an anniversary ribbon-cutting event at the company’s main office in Easton, Md., on June 17, 2016.

Evaporation, membrane filtration and drying are processes that benefit manufacturers of a variety of products. Caloris’ technical innovations over the past 10 years have helped customers in the dairy and juice industries to process fine food and beverage products with increasing efficiency.

“We take great pride in standing behind each system we provide,” said Artur Zimmer, co-founder and CEO of Caloris. “I want to thank our customers for placing their trust in us over our 10-year history. I am equally proud of our success in creating an eminently competent workforce of more than 30 employees, including highly trained individuals in design, engineering, business and other professional disciplines.”

Besides the core dairy and juice industries, Caloris systems are increasingly used by manufacturers to treat industrial wastewater, allowing them to reduce hauling costs and reuse clean water in their facilities. Caloris’ highly energy efficient mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) systems treat industrial wastewater, recover clean water and minimize waste volumes. Caloris’ new reverse osmosis and membrane treatment options assist with processing these streams, while the company’s new thin film dryer technology removes the remaining water to achieve zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

Caloris offers custom-designed evaporator systems for a multitude of applications, pre-engineered packaged evaporators (including mobile units), membrane filtration solutions and spray drying systems, in addition to providing expertise in upgrading existing systems for higher production capacity and energy efficiency. Field services for installation, commissioning and maintenance are also offered to Caloris customers.

Caloris Engineering was founded in 2006 by Art Zimmer, Linda Zimmer, Daniel Neth and Barry McFarland. In 2014, Caloris entered into a strategic partnership with 3A Ventures of Minneapolis, Minn., and Jim Peterson joined as president of the company. In 2015, Caloris expanded its presence on the West Coast, with the establishment of an office in Modesto, Calif.

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Caloris Engineering is a process technology company that engineers and builds thermal and membrane systems to help treat industrial wastewater that would otherwise pollute the environment. Caloris equipment also supports companies in the juice, dairy and other industries to create the best possible products. Caloris technologies reduce energy consumption to lower costs and reduce carbon footprints. Learn more at

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Caloris transforms process systems design for the better with unexpected, future-focused solutions that solve real operational problems. We engineer efficient, dependable and productive solutions that also improve environmental sustainability where practical. Designed with the end user in mind to drive plant productivity. Caloris offers evaporation, membrane filtration and spray drying process systems for food and dairy industries, as well as for water reuse and wastewater treatment applications. Both Caloris’ custom and pre-engineered packaged systems are designed to meet our customers’ specific concentration/purification needs utilizing the most cost effective and energy efficient technologies available. Whether concentrating dairy, food or juice products at a high-volume production facility, or processing industrial wastewaters to reduce transportation and treatment costs and recover re-usable water, Caloris provides a range of options and technologies.