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Caloris creates advanced-technology evaporators, membrane systems and dryers that solve the problems specific companies face. We help you:

  • Process the beverages (including juice), dairy products and other ingredients your customers rely on
  • Concentrate byproducts of ethanol production that helps power the nation
  • Treat industrial wastewater that could otherwise pollute our streams and rivers
  • Recover product and clean water from waste streams for reuse within processing systems, using zero liquid discharge (ZLD)
  • Accomplish a myriad other industrial tasks for which evaporation, membrane filtration or drying is the most effective option

Whatever the application, Caloris technologies reduce the energy you consume to lower your costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Caloris does all that simply by providing the most expertly engineered evaporation, membrane filtration and drying equipment on the planet.

Invite Caloris to audit and evaluate your current systems to help you exploit financial or new product opportunities, reduce costs or increase revenues.

Caloris designs evaporators, membrane filtration systems and dryers that fit your needs.

As pre-eminent designers of evaporation and processing equipment, the engineers at Caloris have developed process systems that address your specific needs in the most cost-effective and energy-efficient fashion. Whether you need to process wastewater at a remote site, concentrate dairy products at a high-volume production facility, or process spent liquids at a pharmaceutical plant, Caloris offers you a range of options to get it done, including:

Caloris also rebuilds existing evaporators and spray dryers.

Evaporators can have a long functional lifespan; sometimes well beyond the time both your needs and the technology have evolved. That’s why Caloris repairs, reconfigures, reconditions, and optimizes many existing systems, applying new ideas and technology for increased throughput, improved energy efficiency, and new processing duties—even when the original system was designed by another supplier.

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The result is confidence.

By teaming with Caloris to handle your processing challenges, you are not only ensuring the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solution available, you are leveraging the most complete, soup-to-nuts service you can find.

For all the evaporators, membrane systems and dryers Caloris designs, sells, and installs, we provide project management, installation supervision, commissioning and operator training, maintenance and field support. And it’s all supported by the most knowledgeable and talented engineering team in the business.

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