Caloris Processing Systems Field Support

Field Support and Maintenance Assistance Maximizes Your Up-Time

Caloris offers complete process systems field support and maintenance programs for evaporators, membranes and dryers. We support systems originally supplied by us as well as those from other vendors. We deliver programs of on-going maintenance, repairs, upgrades, inventory service for wear parts and consumables, and more. Our field support programs are designed to deliver increased productivity, enhanced efficiencies, and reduced energy consumption.

A Complete Systems Survey

If we are not already intimately familiar with your equipment, process systems field services start with a full systems survey. For large installations, such a survey can include:

  • Surveying each piece of equipment and preparation of an up-to-date piping and instrumentation (P&I) drawing complete with instrumentation and line sizes. These drawings are to be utilized during the evaluation of each unit. Electronic (AutoCAD) copies will be supplied to customer.
  • Interviewing operators and production staff regarding the performance experience and operational challenges of each system.
  • Reviewing log sheets and site data to quantify the current run-cycle characteristics of each system.
  • Observing the operation of each system.
  • Generating a computerized process model for the system that can be used to understand the as-is performance and serve as a baseline from which improvement concepts are developed.
  • Submitting a report of the findings to the customer. The report will evaluate the current performance of each system and the cost/benefit of options for improvements to the run-time and other efficiencies.
  • Conducting a process and operation review with customer’s production, engineering and maintenance staff to review the findings.
  • Based on discussions with and direction from the customer staff, targets will be set for increased productivity of the system.
  • Caloris will prepare a proposal for supply of equipment improvements and services.

Your Expectations Provide Our Marching Orders

Once we understand your expectations, Caloris will provide the process systems field support and maintenance services to give you the reliability and operational improvements you desire.

A Complete Service

We know the devil is in the details, of which there are many. That’s why we stay with your project every step of the way from initial consultation through pre-engineering, engineering, installation, commissioning and field support.

Caloris engineers stand with you every step of the way.

Call 410-822-6900 or email to discuss your specific needs.

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