Your process solution, created by Caloris.

Process Solutions for Many Industries’ Challenges

From evaporation, to spray drying, to membrane filtration, Caloris offers myriad solutions to address your processing problem.

Here are just a few ways you can apply Caloris systems:

  • Membrane concentration and filtration of liquid dairy products
  • Concentration of the entire spectrum of dairy products that are typically processed in an evaporator
  • Spray drying of a variety of milk products and nutritional powders
Food & Beverage
  • Concentration of a wide array of food and beverage products, including most sugars, juices, jellies, purees, pectin, brewer’s yeast, beer de-alcoholization, beer wort, distillation stillage, dairy, coffee, gelatin, mash, starch, yeast extract, tea extract, other food ingredients and past sell date beverages and milk products, etc.
  • Spray drying of milk products and nutritional powders derived from a variety of sources
  • Plant protein processing
  • Beer de-alcoholization
  • Feed conditioners for dryers of any size
  • Food & beverage wastewater applications:
    • Recovery and recycling of caustic solutions from tomato and fruit peels
    • Concentration of food processing waste streams
    • Spent CIP solutions
    • Concentration of select chemicals
    • Processing of liquids resulting from industrial cleaning procedures, as with can rinsing
    • Boiler and cooling tower blowdown
Ethanol & Related
  • Glycerin/Biodiesel
  • Concentration of thin stillage in ethanol plants
  • Spent CIP solutions
  • Concentration of select chemicals

CALORIS MEMBRANE systems can be used in a variety of water treatment processes:

  • Concentration of liquid streams
  • Polishing of evaporator condensate and RO permeate for reuse
  • Reclamation of high-strength caustic and acid solutions to extend chemical life and minimize total dissolved solids discharge
  • Separation of components (proteins, minerals, sugars) in a feed stream
  • Purification of supply water for boiler to increase operating efficiency in cleaning, sanitation and utility (boiler, cooling tower) applications
  • Purification of wastewater for reuse or permitted discharge.

How can Caloris help you?

Evaporation Solutions

The process of evaporation—applying heat to separate water from solutions—is as old as sunshine and as contemporary as the CALORIS CVTTM. When well engineered, this simple physical process can be applied to a virtually limitless range of industrial uses, anything from concentrating & drying whey from cheese production, to recycling process water in the ethanol production process, or recovering and purifying water from industrial waste streams while concentrating solids for re-use.

Drying Solutions

Caloris offers spray drying solutions if you are trying to process food-grade powder. Whether for new applications or to improve, enhance or increase your current installation or process, the Caloris team is ready to help you solve your existing operational challenges or to take you to the next level in your production.

Membrane Solutions

The addition of membrane filtration into your process can bring many benefits, including increased capacity and efficiency, solving wastewater challenges and more. Learn how one customer kept an industrial wastewater stream from becoming a problem by installing a CALORIS MEMBRANE system in their plant.

Processing solutions are only limited by our imagination and available technology.

Caloris Delivers a Processing Solution for Your Industry

As experts in process engineering, Caloris engineers are uniquely qualified to develop processing solutions across many industries, meeting individual challenges with a high degree of efficiency. And so we have. Whether designing a Custom Evaporator to fulfill unique needs, supplying a skiddle Membrane Filtration system quickly and cost-effectively or developing a unique Spray Dryer to for your facility, Caloris engineers deliver efficient evaporation solutions for many uses including:

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