About Caloris Spray Drying

Caloris now delivers the same world-class engineering expertise to process solutions for spray drying that we have provided to satisfied customers of our evaporation technology.

Enhanced Production for Dairy, Food, Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals

The process of spray drying involves the production of free-flowing powder by removing water from a slurried feedstock. This is an energy intensive industrial process involving many complexities, but it allows for an extended shelf-life while reducing transportation costs for the removed water.

Whether for new applications or to improve, enhance or increase your current installation or process, the Caloris team of spray drying process engineers is ready to help you solve your existing operational challenges or to take you to the next level in your production.

We’re ready to specify, engineer, design, fabricate, install and commission your complete new spray dryer.

And if it’s your existing spray dryer, no matter the original manufacturer, that requires rebuilding or renovating, we’re ready to tackle that challenge too. Our staff is experienced with spray dryers from Niro, Tetra-pak, SPX, Stork, Anhydro, DeLaval, Damrow, Filtermat, Bowen and many others.

Our team of spray drying engineers is ready to apply the same innovation and dedication you’ve come to expect from Caloris.

Whether rebuilding a spray dryer completely or just certain portions, we have experience working on:

  • The liquid feed preparation system
  • nozzle or rotary atomization system
  • direct or indirect air heating system
  • air disperser
  • drying chamber
  • fluid beds for secondary powder drying or cooling
  • air exhaust system with cyclones, baghouses or wet scrubber
  • heat recovery system
  • powder handling
  • and the spray dryer safety system

With a keen eye towards the customer’s needs, the Caloris team focuses on delivering projects that focus on:

  • Process Capacity Optimization
  • Energy Optimization
  • Improve OEE on equipment or plant wide
  • Product Changes
  • Air Emissions Challenges

Our dairy equipment is designed to meet 3A and USDA requirements.

We’re prepared to bring to bear for you our deep experience in the production of high-quality edible powders such as dairy powders, nutraceutical powders, food powders, food ingredient powders, plant-based proteins and flavor powders, as well as others.

Spray Drying FAQs

What kinds of spray dryers does Caloris provide?

Caloris designs spray dryers for food and beverage production with specific experience in spray and fluid bed dryers, and agglomerators for food & dairy applications, as well as engineering & application of powder handling, powder transport and powder packaging technology for food & dairy applications, including plant-based proteins, with expertise in the nutritional formula market.

Can Caloris service dryers and related equipment from other manufacturers?

Yes! Caloris has technical experience with spray dryers (Niro, DeLaval, Damrow &, Filtermat brand), tall form spray dryers, multi-stage spray dryers, falling film evaporators (MVR & TVR), retail powder packaging lines, (Colby & Albro), Avapac 25-kg Powder Packaging, & Nu-Con Powder Handling Systems.

What types of products can be processed on Caloris spray dryers?

Caloris spray dryers can be used on a variety of food products. We have experience processing, producing and packaging:

  • Infant Nutritional Formula
  • Medical Nutritional Formula
  • Skim Milk Powder
  • Whole Milk Powder
  • Whey powder
  • Whey Permeate Powder
  • Lactose Powder
  • Agglomerated Dairy Powder
  • Instantized Dairy Powder
  • Plant Protein
  • Egg Powder
  • Cheese Powder
  • Powdered Flavors and Powdered Food Ingredients
  • Yeasts
  • Blood
How will I know which type of spray dryer will work best for me?

Caloris will organize pilot spray drying trials and determine exactly what type of equipment will work best in your situation.

Contact Caloris by calling 410-822-6900 or send email to problem.solved@caloris.com to speak with one of our engineers and arrange a pilot test on your product sample.

Caloris offers small-scale spray dryers that have several advantages. Often delivered in a modular configuration, these units require minimal mechanical installation. These uncomplicated compact spray dryers are versatile and easy to handle — perfect for small-batch testing and/or product development. 

How can we help you?

Give us a call at 410-822-6900 or send email to problem.solved@caloris.com to discuss your spray drying needs.

Spray Drying Case Study

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