Systems Consulting

Our team, as part of yours.

The Caloris team provides evaporation, membrane filtration and spray drying systems consulting that gives you a competitive advantage. Our engineers work with your company to troubleshoot existing process systems and equipment, propose solutions and work with your staff on implementation. Whether you need to improve the performance of an existing system or create a full new installation, Caloris has the expertise to guide you to the right solution.

Caloris starts by listening to your needs and discussing your business strategy. Next we assess your goals and assets from a variety of expert vantage points. This allows us to design solutions at a high level of sophistication. Caloris engineers possess the knowledge and expertise to consider every aspect of the situation: mechanical, process, process control, material characteristics, operational and maintenance. Together, we take a whole-systems approach that affords you efficient processing operations, superior output and maximum uptime.

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Retrofits, Upgrades and Optimizations

Whether your current system was designed by Caloris or by another supplier, we put our expertise to work in any way necessary to improve the results—replacing, repairing, optimizing or expanding your capabilities. We understand and evaluate the interactions of many different unit operations. We provide complete performance testing and train your personnel. The result is confidence—and expectations exceeded. Systems consulting from Caloris means that you will get the most cost-effective processing system possible.

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Systems Consulting for New Applications and Turnkey Systems

When it comes to consulting on new systems, the Caloris team works with you to create solid business-goal-oriented project plans before recommending any capital equipment. We start by creating process concepts to meet the specific requirements of your unique needs. We understand the effect of evaporator, membrane and dryer performance on your operation’s financial results. We have dealt with every aspect of processing, be it energy supply, air emissions, labor, permitting, raw material procurement, sewage treatment and more.

Caloris engineers have a wealth of knowledge in the design and fabrication of all sizes of custom evaporation systems, spray dryers and membrane filtration units. In particular we understand the requirements for 3-A sanitary design and USDA-compliance. We know how Clean-In-Place (CIP) technology can save you time and money. We stick with you from the basic engineering stage through to customer acceptance, working hands-on in design, fabrication, installationcommissioning and on-going field support of the process system.

Systems consulting from Caloris means that any solution engineered by us can be followed through by full turnkey installation and commissioning with an experienced team comprised of project management, process engineering, project engineering, mechanical engineering and controls engineering specialists.

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