State-of-the-Art Systems Engineering

The Nation’s Leading Engineering Talent Ensures a Superior Processing System

Superior systems engineering is the reason companies like yours come to Caloris. Our customers know Caloris evaporation, membrane and drying systems and services always provide the most innovative and state-of-the-art technologies. Past experience gives you confidence that we will always work through any challenges to make sure your project achieves or exceeds its intended performance objectives.

At Caloris, we sweat the details of process systems engineering before, during and after fabricating your equipment. We make sure all supplementary equipment and systems are compatible with your operations. We stay with the project every step of the way through installationcommissioning and on-going operation.

We think of it as engineering your business success.

The Leading Evaporation Technology Comes from Caloris Engineers

Caloris custom-designed evaporation systems include unique design features developed by our engineers to enhance system performance, capacity and reliability. We have designed, built, installed and continue to support some of the largest, most cost-effective and aesthetically designed evaporation systems in the nation.

Caloris always offers customers the highest operating energy efficiency with maximum use of recuperative energy schemes. We lower your energy costs and provide you with the “greenest” solutions possible.

Caloris also offers process systems engineering capabilities for upgrading existing process systems to improve operation and performance. Our unique design concepts transform energy-devouring systems into state-of-the-art efficiency.

Smart Membrane Configurations

CALORIS MEMBRANE filtration units arrive at your facility pre-assembled and ready to plug in to your process system. Depending on your needs, Caloris can employ microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration or reverse osmosis to process your liquid stream.

Dryer Systems a Specialty

Our team of spray drying engineers is ready to apply the same innovation and dedication you’ve come to expect from Caloris. We’re prepared to bring to bear for you our deep experience in the production of dairy powders, nutraceutical powders, food powders, food ingredient powders and flavor powders, as well as others.

A Complete Package

Caloris process systems engineering provides a complete process equipment scope for the entire system. We also provide controls engineering to ensure the best integration of the process and its automation.

We know the devil is in the details, of which there are many. That’s why we focus careful attention to the manufacture and procurement of your complete system, including all process components, controls equipment, electrical and utility connections, and process building interfaces right on down to the nuts and bolts.

Caloris engineers stand with you every step of the way.

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