Processing Systems Installation Services

Continuous Service from Engineering to Installation Ensures a Smoother Launch

When Caloris provides installation services, we assure you of the smoothest transition to processing line launch. At Caloris, we sweat the details of process systems engineering before, during and after fabricating your equipment. We make sure it gets installed right, as well.

Dedicated Site Supervisor

Caloris provides a dedicated site supervisor to manage all activities associated with process systems installation, commencing with arrival of the primary components and supervision of their unloading, and terminating with mechanical completion, ensuring that your start-up happens smoothly.

Our site supervisors have installed some of the largest, most complex, and most elegantly designed process systems in the nation. To say we are expert in the installation of our systems would be an understatement. The frequent repeat business we get from our largest customers speaks to their confidence in our high level of excellence.

A Complete Team

Caloris can also provide a full team of qualified installation technicians to complete your process system’s installation within the promised timeline. We know the importance of your return-on-investment, and we will work to help make you profitable in as short a period as possible. Even if you contract installation with another supplier of your preference, Caloris will always be responsible for installation supervision to ensure a successful completion.

Installation of Upgrades and Retrofits

We know the devil is in the details, of which there are many. That’s why we offer installation services for the complete system, including process equipment, control equipment, electrical and utility connections, right on down to the nuts and bolts. We stay with the project every step of the way through installation, commissioning and on-going operation.

Caloris engineers stand with you every step of the way.

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