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June 11, 2018

First-Time Impressions from the Membrane Technology Forum

Hello. My name is Simon Zimmer and I am the Business Development Manager for Water Recovery at Caloris. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Membrane Technology Forum in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

May 24, 2018

Got Spores?

By now you may have heard about the Caloris Low-Spore Powder Process for producing milk powders. So what’s all the fuss about?

May 2, 2018

Caloris Low-Spore Process Top Story on Dairy Foods Website

Happy Wednesday! We just learned that the Dairy Foods article about the ADPI Breakthrough Award, which was presented to Caloris and Lone Star Dairy Products this week, was the most read story on the Dairy Foods web site in April! Did you miss the article? You can read it here. Caloris won the award for our low-spore powder process.